Welcome to MicroQuest, the tiny roguelike!

1.0.1 UPDATE: fixed title screen crash when down button pressed

This project was a small experiment with roguelike creation - it was created for February 2017's Strawberry Jam game jam. The theme of the game jam was "horny games" - I opted for a roguelike with... some unusual status effects.

This was properly started about two weeks into the jam, and Pico-8 has fairly heavy constraints, so unfortunately I had to drop some content last-minute. If people enjoy the concept and would like to see it expanded on and given the time to make a proper balanced game (preferably via a platform with fewer restrictions and more time), hit me up on Twitter (@RagingWolfaboo) and let me know - or alternately, throw a couple bucks my way, help me buy coffee ;)

(If there are any content warnings you would like added here, let me know and I'll be happy to update this.)


Z: wait

X: open action menu

Arrow keys - move/attack in direction (hold down for a few seconds to move faster)

Z (menu): select menu option

X (menu): go back / exit menu

Arrow keys - select menu item


(I'll be fixing these when I can!)

- Item pickup sometimes triggers a crash? Still trying to determine what conditions cause this

- "Drop" not working on inventory menu

- Be sure to have an item selected on the inventory menu - if you used one previously and there's no item highlighted when you revisit the inventory, then pressing Z or X will make it crash

- Input is clunky, I know. Sorry :(

Published Mar 01, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
GenreRole Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, PICO-8, Roguelike, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few minutes


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Aw, I am real curious about what you did here, but it crashes every time I take 3 steps. :( I will keep checkin' back for updates..

very nice

thanks edwin!!! the support is super appreciated :DD


No prob, I'm happy to support you any way I can. Have a coffee on me haha~ :)))